A dog, the bunny and by horse

Every April 29 Argentinians celebrate the day of the animals. What a coincidence that I started to write this zoological entry on that day! The first time my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I was old I said “a vet.” Then the winds of life pushed me from side to side, learning more about Social Sciences and about Art than any biological stuff. However, the love for the living beings with whom we share this wonderful world has remained intact in my heart since I embraced my first puppy. In one way or another, last month has been a chapter of my life with many animals as protagonists.

The dog. Some of you, like my best friend already did, will call me crazy, but last Friday I was sitting on a four-hour flight to Denver where one of the dog breeders that I wanted to meet lives. Her name is Sandy. I’ve been thinking about going there for months now, and I decided that Matilda needed a little brother, and that I wanted to enlarge my family. My mother keeps insisting that what my life needs – though I think her life needs it more – is a bipedal child with a prehensile hand who also goes to school, but I’m not ready for that step yet. My mom will have to wait a long time for that to happen. Maybe five or ten years. At the moment I will live happily with Matilda and Valentino. Valentino: that’s the name I’ve chosen for my new baby dog. Matilda will be very jealous at first because I have spoiled her too much since we lived together – she has just received, for example, a portrait of herself painted by an artist from California! – but I know she will learn to share the house, our bed and my love. At the end, she is a very good girl.

The bunny. On Sunday, April 16, I celebrated my first Easter in the United States. Since the beginning of spring in the North Hemisphere, I’d seen all the stores fill with Easter chocolate eggs and rabbits. I am not very religious but I always say that any reason is good to celebrate. The party was great. As it is common in the city where I live, I was invited to a very glamorous and fantastic celebration in Hibiscus Island. The dress code was very predictable: bunny girls.The invitation made it very clear: “Bunny costume or bikini with ears and tail. Colors allowed: pink, white and light blue. No black please! “. Since I got the invitation I knew I was going and I’m very happy that I did. It was a lot of fun. The guests began arriving at 4pm. Two handsome boys were receiving people at the entrance. The house was decorated with balloons, hearts and inflatable bunnies. Two girls with blond hair like the sun took care of the bar and a very busy chef ran his crepe stall next to the pool. There was an exclusive bar of champagne and a DJ who led the fun. Dancing and laughing under an orange sky, watching the sunset was amazing. The men were crazy to see so many pretty ladies having a blast and the girls enjoyed being bunnies for one night. A drone recorded everything from the air and the photos revealed, a day later, the amount of ears, crepes, nonsense and exposed skin – which, by the way, was a lot. Not bad for a Sunday in Miami.

The horse. “Biondetta means the devil in love,” said the owner of the gray steed with which I was photographed few days ago. It is such a beautiful animal that I wanted to bring it with me. All horses are beautiful, but I had such an incredible chemistry with this clot that we worked great together. That good energy made him even more stunning. The photo shoot was in Wellington, a very select area of farms and stables in Florida, near West Palm Beach. They made me an “avatar-like” braided hairstyle and the makeup artist took two hours to paint my whole body with a silver liquid   using a tiny sponge. Although the stable was very close to the hotel that the production chose to make all the preparation, those few minutes in the car were very long. I was put in the back of the SUV with the task of not letting any part of the vehicle touch me until we arrived. Every curve made me value my yoga classes even more. When we arrived at the Grand Prix Village the wind that blew my face reminded me of the air I breathed in my childhood: fresh and country-scented. When I was about to take the first step, a collaborator ran up to me to try to cover my body with a towel to avoid the surprise of some workers. I had not ridden a horse for years. I must admit that I was a little scared at first, but I did not let that feeling rule me. When I was in front of the animal I asked for a moment alone with him to meet him, talk to him and caress him. It was love at first sight and the rest was done very easily. The session was a precious dream, naked on a horse that for a moment I imagined could become a prince.

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